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Hi! I’m Marcy, owner and creator of Made: Decor & Classes. I grew up in a large farming family, in the small town of Home, KS. The handsome guys in the picture with me, that's my husband John and son Klahn


Twelves years ago, in just 9 months alone, I was invited to 18 weddings (small town probs). While all my friends we’re settling down, I was a busy gal, moving to Kansas City, working full time and going to school in the evenings. With all of that going on, money wasn’t a luxury for me. And with those invitations, came anxiety about how I would afford to get them all a gift! So, before Pinterest, before DIY projects were cool, I came up with the idea to make handmade blocks of their last names. Each block was a labor of love, and everyone loved them! I started selling through orders on Facebook and in a cute store in my hometown, Family Home Treasures. 


From there, I continued to evolve, my name blocks turned into seasonal blocks, and then seasonal decor, and then finally, signs! It was then, that I fell in love with this hobby and was determined to make it a career. By now, Pinterest was born and the DIY was the hottest trend. One night, driving home from a canvas painting class, I had the idea to host my own wooden sign classes. I had a blast with all my friends, relaxing and getting to exercise my creativity, but the paintings just weren’t my decor style. So I put all my ideas, into plans and I hosted my first class. And that was when I knew, I found my niche. 


A few years ago, I was able to quit my office job and provide for myself doing what I love! I can’t wait to help each one of you find the artist within you, and help you create something beautiful for your home. So when friends ask, you can say “I MADE that!”





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